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Why Patient Care and Health Informatics Matter Now More Than Ever

July 2, 2021

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The lines between technology, computer science, communications, and healthcare are blurring as information systems within the health and medical industry continue to grow more complex.

According to a case study coming out of Belgium, medical and health informatics services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic should be virtual, tailored, responsive and interactive. More and more, organizations are turning to health informatics to improve efficiency and cut costs while delivering better healthcare to individuals and populations.

Organizations need leaders who can manage healthcare delivery with new information technology standards in mind. These individuals must possess a deep knowledge of regulations around medical data; the capacity to use information systems to support strategic decision making; and the ability to develop and implement efficient IT solutions to improve patient care.

The Master of Science in Health Informatics at GPS prepares professionals to improve patient and healthcare outcomes as well as organizational performance. The fully online master’s degree provides professionals with the skills to develop, manage, and evaluate information technology systems in order to improve the quality of care. When we asked Christina, an MS in Health Informatics Graduate, about the program, this is what she said,

“The Health Informatics program was deeply helpful in providing me with an understanding of how and why the field of medical informatics emerged. It provides an excellent foundation of the field, the issues to be solved within the field, and the methodologies and existing theories on achieving better healthcare outcomes, at scale, through strategic implementation of technology.”

It’s clear that health informatics students are learning directly from faculty working in the field, staying ahead of the evolving industry. Our program prepares students to improve patient and healthcare outcomes as well as organizational performance. Upon degree completion, students are equipped to:

  • Build and implement IT data solutions for clinicians and administrators.
  • Work with data systems developers, user communities and other stakeholders to design safe and effective data governance policies that ensure the privacy and security of patient data.
  • Lead and manage projects that advance change to ensure quality processes meet industry standards and enable the development of innovative practices.

The GPS community extends beyond our online classrooms. Students have the opportunity to expand their professional circles and build meaningful connections with our faculty, program chairs, and advisory board members. In addition, our programs are designed to help students balance a graduate education with a full-time job and other professional, academic, or personal commitments.

For more information on the Health Informatics program or other online master’s degrees available at GPS, please visit brandeis.edu/gps.


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