Web-based monitoring system to prevent maternal deaths


Joining hands with the National Informatics Centre, Collector V. Vishnu, a US-trained risk analyst, has prepared a web-based monitoring of antenatal and postnatal mothers’ health with standardised counseling and feedback system.

 The portal, https://thaircarenellai.in/, was launched recently in connection with the one-year completion of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin-led government for the early identification and flagging of high-risk pregnant women by leveraging digital solutions. It is a risk management framework to prevent avoidable maternal death and complications by seamless integration of the community, public health institutions, tertiary care specialists and the district administration.

This portal also integrates all government stakeholders – right from the Village Health Nurses to tertiary care medical colleges – for identifying, tracking and taking care of the pregnant women, especially those with high risk who need intensive and sustained monitoring and super-specialty medical care using data obtained through continuous monitoring, counseling, medical care, maternal health condition, nutritious status of the pregnant women even in the remote areas of the district.

 “This bilingual portal, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, is aimed at reducing the maternal deaths using artificial intelligence tools, ensuring accountability at all levels for continuous monitoring of high-risk women. The system uses artificial intelligence counseling through online telephony, continuous monitoring mechanism among others to control the maternal mortality and to improve maternal health,” says Mr. Vishnu who formally launched the portal recently.

 After the registration of early antenatal mothers, this technology-driven portal categosizes the mothers like normal, low risk, high risk etc., based on their medical conditions. Based on the health parameters and subsequent categorisation, continuous web-based monitoring is done and counseling given to the expectant mothers by the experts.

 “If an expectant high-risk mother requires tertiary care through the medical college hospitals, it is done at the right time to ensure safe delivery of the baby,” he says.

 Since the records about all expectant mothers are maintained online with separate login ids, the doctors from any part of the world can have access to these records to render proper and real-time medical care.

 When he launched the portal, he contacted randomly a few anaemic expectant mothers who have been registered in the website and inquired about their health condition, especially their haemoglobin count.

 Since a dedicated control room has been created, real-time monitoring and follow-up process of high-risk mothers is possible with the transparent data uploaded in this portal following every screening of the expectant mothers, especially high-risk mothers, who are identified very early stage of pregnancy. Medical advice from the specialists in any part of the world can be had within no time with these records uploaded in the portal with separate login ids.

 “The high-risk mothers are categorized by the system based on the 50 Plus risk factors including general illness, complications during past pregnancy and current pregnancy, all identified by the village health nurse, staff nurse, primary health care centres and the doctors. Upon registration of an expectant mother at the PICME system, Thai Care Nellai starts tracking the health performance of the mother,” Mr. Vishnu says.

 As of now, 11,609 antenatal mothers, 3,691 high-risk mothers and 2,714 post-natal mothers are being taken care through this IT initiative.


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