Inaugural theme issue: Precision public healt

Inaugural Theme Issue: Precision Public Health from Online Journal of Public Health Informatics

image: Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) welcomes submissions to a special theme issue examining “Precision Public Health Informatics.”
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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) Editor-in-Chief: Edward K Mensah PhD, MPhil and theme editor Nsikak Akpakpan MD, PhD welcome submissions to a special theme issue examining “Precision Public Health.”

The inaugural issue of the Online Journal of Public Health Informatics under the JMIR Publications platform will feature articles on precision public health, a technology-enhanced, data-driven targeted approach to public health practice and research. 

The current special issue invites articles in the following as well as other interesting areas of precision public health:

  • Use of big data to predict public health risks such as smoking progression, gun violence, air or water pollution, emerging infectious diseases (including zoonotic diseases), antibiotic resistance, asthma, diabetes, implementation of precision public health programs
  • Integration of the social determinants of health and electronic health records in precision public health programs
  • Application of DHIS2 (District Health Information System 2), the world’s largest health information systems platform, in precision public health programs in middle- and low-income countries
  • Measurement of the multidimensional attributes of data quality used in precision public health programs, given the fact that data constitute the most important asset of precision public health
  • Application of effective interventions to homogeneous subpopulations within a larger heterogeneous population in order to contain the spread of diseases in higher-income countries and the Global South
  •  Socioeconomic benefits of implementing precision public health programs for risk identification, disease surveillance, and preventive interventions
  • Innovations in the application of AI and big data to precision public health use cases such as the tracking of infectious disease pathways
  • Research in the areas of risk, legal and ethical issues, and governance problems arising from the implementation of AI and predictive analytics in precision public health programs
  • Risks and challenges of using big data in precision public health programs

OJPHI invites authors to submit original research, literature reviews, and scholarly or well-argued viewpoints to this call for papers on precision public health. We welcome original, unpublished submissions from researchers and practitioners in public health, medicine, health care, computer science, and related fields.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2023. All accepted manuscripts will be published as part of the OJPHI special theme issue on Precision Public Health Informatics

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