April 13, 2024

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EDETEK Unveils AI-Supported Clinical Informatics and Data Management Ecosystem

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EDETEK Inc., a leading global provider of modern clinical technology solutions and services for the biopharmaceutical industry and contract research organizations, announced that it will lead an oral presentation entitled, “From Data Chaos to Real-Time Quality.” Munther Baara, Vice President, EDETEK, and Craig Lipset, Clinical Innovation Partners, will lead a presentation at SCOPE 2024 on Tuesday, February 13 at 10:15 am EST.

Sponsors face many challenges that impede access to data, aggregation of data from disparate sources, and the sheer volume of data when executing clinical trials. Effective tools are needed to progress from disarray and chaos to clarity, efficiency, and quality insights.  Further, a new wave of AI-powered technology can supercharge operational efficiencies, leading to reduced cycle times, removal of data ingestion barriers and data aggregation challenges, in turn, reducing costs while preserving data quality.

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“Clinical data lives in silos.  This can create chaos for stakeholders because they may not be aware of the status of their studies. Project managers or the study teams say ‘my study is green. Everything’s perfect.’ Then six months down the road, when they conduct the first data monitoring committee (DMC) or the first interim analysis, the study suddenly becomes yellow, if not red, because this is the first time that they have put the data together,” said Munther Baara, Vice President, Product Strategy & Innovation, EDETEK.

To address the chaos, sponsors need solutions that can connect to any source and collect data in an automated fashion. These solutions should be adaptable, configurable, and flexible to aggregate and conform data to any standards and provide the ability to visualize and analyze that data in a meaningful way. EDETEK’s CONFORM platform meets this need.

The Analytics and Data Review component of the system (CONFORM IQ) features numerous configurable interfaces for data managers, medical monitors, data scientists, biostatisticians, and third parties to collaborate effectively in a unified environment for comprehensive data reviews.  Key features include proactive subject level safety reviews and early signal detection leading to improved quality assessments from start to finish. CONFORM IQ delivers risk assessment and improved quality throughout the clinical trial.

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“We are reimagining how clinical data review and analytics will be conducted by introducing ‘Chat.IQ,’ a generative AI solution to CONFORM IQ that enables stakeholders to ask any questions about their data to make the invisible visible,” said Baara.

Conducting Your Symphony

The variety and volume of complex data continues to grow exponentially, and sponsors need the best conductor to orchestrate successful trial execution. Through the power of EDETEK’s CONFORM™ platform, sponsors can reduce the cycle time of clinical trial execution through its ability to connect, conform, collect, and consume clinical data.

“This is the perfect time to leverage AI to make data visualization easier and more accessible for study teams,” said Craig Lipset, Clinical Innovation Partners. “Research sponsors and CRO teams need access to predictive modeling from CONFORM’s chat.IQ to deliver actionable insights across disconnected data.  Bringing together data with intelligence is the path to improve trial conduct and success.”

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