March 5, 2024

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Diverse experience, technical skill pivotal in healthcare IT

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A healthcare technology expert with advanced skills in health informatics, Queen Enahoro, has highlighted her experiences and technical expertise as critical in her pivotal role in healthcare information technology (IT).

The expert has played a pivotal role in meeting the ever-evolving demands of the IT industry.

According to Enahoro, her diverse experiences have not only honed her professional skills but also positioned her as a valuable asset poised to contribute significantly to the global economy through dedicated service to organisations.

She said, “My diverse experiences and technical expertise, including as a health informatics analyst, graduate researcher, conference organiser, and project manager, have equipped me to play a pivotal role in the operational aspects of healthcare IT.

“This encompasses critical domains such as data security, privacy, and compliance, which are integral in the contemporary digital healthcare landscape. Specialised skills in project management, database management, data science applications, IT support, and data security and privacy are evident in my academic transcript.

“My journey of acquiring knowledge spans both academic realms and practical experiences through professional engagement.”

“This is vividly illustrated by my exceptional orchestration of the “Back to Our Roots” fashion event during my university tenure; the resounding success of the event exemplifies my project management technical expertise and transcends the typical fashion show, transforming into a cultural symposium seamlessly blending elements of African heritage with contemporary style.”

“The success of this endeavour is a testimony to my meticulous planning and project management skills, adept collaboration securing, and charismatic leadership in mobilising volunteers and participants.

“The event’s impressive turnout, drawing a substantial audience and earning extensive media coverage, serves as a testament to my outstanding project management and organisational abilities.”

Additionally, Enahoro’s academic qualifications are grounded in excellence, obtained from the esteemed Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia (USA). She earned her bachelor’s degree before pursuing a master’s degree in health informatics at the same institution.

In her ongoing pursuit of academic and professional growth, she further honed skills in healthcare IT support through HI-FIVE at Columbia University and specialised in health informatics at Johns Hopkins University.

She has actively engaged with learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and Google to stay current with industry advancements.


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