Dean – School of Health Related Professions job with University of Mississippi Medical Center

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) is accepting
applications for the Dean of the School of Health Related
Professions (SHRP).  The Dean is responsible for the execution
of the mission of the School of Health Related Professions and has
oversight for all the departments of the school.  The Dean
will be expected to: Develop and execute a strategic plan that
capitalizes on the SHRP’s strengths, market position and leadership
to meet future academic and clinical demands; Maintain direct
oversight of the SHRP’s management team(s); Take fiscal
responsibility over the performance of the educational and research
enterprises; Present a compelling external face for the SHRP to
state and national government leaders and other constituencies and
lead an ambitious program of philanthropy in order to ensure the
growth and prosperity of the SHRP.


The University of Mississippi School of Health Related
Professions (SHRP) was founded in 1971, and thousands of its
graduates have cared for the people of Mississippi in health care
organizations and at home ever since.  The SHRP develops
allied health leaders through innovative partnerships; unique
community-based systems; evidence-based practice and
research; and a focus on excellence and life-long learning.


The school offers baccalaureate programs in Health Systems
Administration, Health Informatics and Information Management,
Histotechnology, Medical Laboratory Science and Radiologic
Sciences. Certificate programs are available in Medical Scribe
Specialist, Health Informatics (post-baccalaureate), and Leadership
and Management (post-baccalaureate). SHRP also offers master’s
programs in Health Informatics and Information Management, Health
Systems Administration, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Nuclear
Medicine Technology, as well as doctoral programs in Occupational
Therapy, Physical Therapy and Health Administration.


Candidates for the position of Dean will be selected from a
diverse pool and will be evaluated according to the following


  • Academic/Clinical Credentials: Familiarity
    with an academic Health Related Professions school environment and
    demonstrated commitment to its mission and values.  Strong
    leadership credentials to guide the evolution of the allied health
    enterprise.  Academic credentials and experience to ensure the
    continuation and enhancement of the clinical, educational, research
    and population health missions of UMMC and the SHRP.


  • Leadership Aptitude: The candidate will
    understand the organizational landscape and will be able to
    anticipate and articulate the critical issues and threats in the
    foreseeable future.  The Dean must be able to earn the respect
    of the SHRP’s varied stakeholders and recruit, retain and develop
    superb faculty and administrative leaders.


  • Demonstrated Vision: A powerful grasp of the
    challenging issues facing Health Related Professions, as well as
    the dynamics of operating a major educational and research
    enterprise.  Enthusiastic advocacy for UMMC’s multiple
    missions, its strategic plan, and its commitments to equity and


  • Business Acumen: A strong business aptitude,
    with demonstrated experience and understanding of the complex
    financial pressures facing educational and research enterprises and
    academic health-care delivery organizations.


  • Fundraising and Philanthropy: An ability to
    articulate effectively the SHRP’s vision in a compelling manner to
    a broad range of stakeholders, as well as a track record of
    attracting financial resources from individuals, government
    sponsors and private institutions.


  • Ability to Work with People: Demonstrated
    ability to work with diverse stakeholders, build consensus, resolve
    conflicts and manage ambiguity.  The candidate will
    demonstrate a commitment to transparency and proactive, two-way
    communication essential to building trust and engagement among
    faculty, staff and students.


  • Personal Style and Values: Highly developed
    skills in personal diplomacy, a passion for the value of academic
    health care and a commitment to achieving sustainable results for
    each component of the SHRP’s mission.


  • Past Success: A successful career, including a
    leadership role in a complex, multi-faced university and clinical
    enterprise with demonstrated ability to be a leader and innovator
    and to make effective, institution-wide decisions. 



  • Applicants must hold a terminal degree and have demonstrated
    scholarly distinction appropriate for a senior-level
  • Minimum five years of academic leadership experience is
  • Management experience and teaching experience is


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this great opportunity and apply.


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