Canon Medical Systems Canada in partnership with Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada to launch integrated community diagnostic centres across Ontario

OTTAWA, ON, June 13, 2022 /CNW/ – The Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada (HSHG) and Canon Medical Systems Canada (Canon Medical) have partnered with the intention to launch innovative community diagnostic centres across the province of Ontario. The first of these “Centres of Excellence” is to be located in Ottawa. 

With a rapidly changing and fragmented healthcare system, delivering integrated patient-centred care is more important than ever.  Centres of Excellence endeavour to improve population’s health outcomes by diagnosing health conditions earlier, faster and more accurately. These centres will bring diagnostic solutions closer to home, helping the public healthcare system serve the community more efficiently with improved outcomes. 

Canon Medical leverages over 100 years in healthcare innovations with a full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions including;  CT, MRI, Molecular Imaging, Angiography, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Healthcare Informatics. This is coupled with deep learning technologies that deliver uncompromised quality, insight, and value across the entire care pathway. HSHG, with its unique network of established Centre of Excellence facilities for patient care across cities in England, is bringing this expertise to Canada.  “HSHG Canada firmly believes that an industrial approach to healthcare is no longer fit for purpose. Healthcare needs to transform from a sick care system that continues to carry a heavy cost burden on the society and the public health system to a system that is proactively engaged in keeping people healthy over the course of their lifetime” states Sanjeev Kumar, President, Harley Street Group. Together, we are focused to make a difference in Ontario’s healthcare by increasing the capacity in the diagnostic space by efficiently investing in new facilities that provide the latest state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. 

The development of these centres will collaborate closely with the existing public healthcare systems in Ontario to help reduce pressure on acute hospital sites. Alliances are created with the local hospitals to ensure key demands of the community are met and efficiencies between the clinics and the healthcare system are augmented.

“This embodies Canon Medical’s Made for Life philosophy as it addresses the challenges of clinical practice with the outcome of improved patient care” states Jens Dettmann, President, Canon Medical Systems Canada.  

The partnership plans to launch 5 centres in Ontario within the next 2 years. The first of its kind will be located at 1785 Alta Vista Drive in Ottawa, with the plan to have another centre in Brampton, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area by early next year. Canon and HSHG are seeking to have the first centre open to the public before the end of December 2022.

About Harley Street Healthcare Canada

Harley Street Healthcare Canada, is part of the Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC, London. A diverse and consolidated healthcare group based in the heart of the city of London. The company started its journey over 33+ years ago as Harley Street Healthcare clinic serving over 10,000 + premier clients from across the globe, supported by over 30+ world class clinical consultants.  For more information, visit the Harley Street Healthcare Canada website:

About Canon Medical Systems Canada Limited

Canon Medical Systems Canada, a Canon Group company headquartered in Markham, Ontario, provides patient-focused imaging technologies with specialties in CT, MRI, Molecular Imaging, X-Ray, Angiography, Ultrasound and Healthcare Informatics for the Canadian market. Advanced service solutions range from single-room coverage to complete asset management programs. Our team-centric Canadian organization is committed to our Made for Life philosophy. For more information, visit the Canon Medical Systems Canada website:

SOURCE Canon Medical Systems Canada

For further information: Please contact HSHG or Canon Medical with any queries relating to this release, Miss Amita Kochar, CEO, Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada, Oakwood Canada, 865 Taylor Creek Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K4A 0Z9 Canada, [email protected]; Sherry Lyons, VP Marketing, Canon Medical Systems Canada Limited, 75 Tiverton Court, Markham, Ontario, L3R 4M8, Canada, [email protected]


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